I have no idea how long I was unconscious.

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Our athletic meet took place only three days ago.

I think I should get right to work.

I guess that you can't do it.

"What's your name?" "Louie," the little boy said shyly.

You're the one I've been dreaming of.

I owe you a favor.

Did you really see Bobbie kissing Cole?

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I think you're both right.


Neither Gordon nor Steen likes eggplant very much.


You'll certainly pass the coming exam.

Were your mother and father home?

Blaine was thinking about telling Gerard that he loved her.

Did you find my phone in the meeting room?

She surprised her husband.

I don't want to go out in this kind of weather.

There are four pieces of furniture in the room.

Manuel decided on his own to turn himself in.

She got hepatitis no wonder she is losing so much weight.

You can take her at her word on that.

The new year drew closer.

Mr. Kaifu is used to making speeches in public.

It was Christmas.

At first, I thought he was crazy.

Doyle doesn't know what Claudio means when she says that.

He need not have run so fast.

Everything was exciting to me when I visited Spain for the first time.

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The flood did great damage to the crops.


People wonder whether Mwa is suffering from substance abuse, mental illness or just ignorance. I think it might be all three of those.

I cannot lie on the grass. We are at the royal palace!

Hey, I was wrong.


Is it true that you connected this old computer to the Internet?

I've been watching you study.

I don't want to leave Dirk.

I feel like another person.

Dan only talked briefly to Linda.

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She's been a friend of mine for years.

Marcel wondered who Lucifer was looking for.

I'm at my best when I'm challenged.

Louiqa bought that car for three thousand dollars three months ago.

Smoke is rising from the chimney.

These projects are part of the regional development program.

The crowd loved the concert.

His hair's thin at the temples.

Hand me that bag.

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My wife is the boss at home.

Leave, please!

I want you to call her now.

It's terribly expensive.

We swam until it got dark.

He will not be back tomorrow.

My daughter has been suffering from anorexia for four years already.

That isn't good enough for us.

Really, who doesn't want to be a princess? All you really need is a good plumber, and you're set!

Tell me where I should put this.

A heavy tax was imposed on whiskey.

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I'm truly sorry.


We agree as well.

We didn't want to humiliate Carlo.

I want you to look for Miek.

Dorothy is very articulate.

How good of you to come all the way to see me off!


He told me that when he was young, he was very eager to be popular, and wanted to make a good impression on everyone.


Dewey hit me on the head.

Let's go somewhere quiet so we can talk.

I really wanted to go back to Boston.

She got tired with running.

Give me back my money!

I thought Darci would use Dan's office.

She wants to become thin very much.

He was looking upward to the sky.

I'm pretty progressive.

I hope what I did helped.

We're still working.


I know it won't be like that.


If you have the words to that song, I can translate it.

It's not nearly as cold today as I thought it was going to be.

I didn't get the point of his speech.


It is said that he has a lot of old coins.

When did she go to Mongolia?

I'm thinking about which college might be best for me.

See me in my office.

He ought to take good care of his wife.

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They spoke quietly so as not to wake the baby.

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I should've quit smoking a long time ago.

Israel doesn't let anyone touch him.

From the moment that I knew that the university existed, I've wanted to go there.

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What a strange man!

Vilhelm has been crying.

"Are these your books?" "No, they're not my books."

Shall we go sightseeing around town?

I find her intriguing.

That's what I should've said.

We'll be OK, Jerome.

Officially, he works for us as an interpreter.

The Mongolian army approached the city.

Stan asked Mechael if she would help him with his homework.

I found the diary that my father kept for 30 years.

I don't have any pain.

I hope Tanaka is having a lot of fun.

Why would someone like Jimmy buy that?

We were both afraid to talk.

I think she knows about us.

It just bugs me.


Is your sister here?


No action is in itself good or bad.


Our music teacher advised me to visit Vienna.

You must never resort to force.

We need somebody with bold new ideas.


Sergiu felt woozy.

She chose the most spirited horse in the stable.

We are always moving with the earth.


They're interrogating Bryce.

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My family is still working, so I can't go to Texas right away.

"Can I eat this mushroom?" "You can eat anything one time."

The scales have fallen from my eyes.

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I expect he'll pass the examination.

This house isn't big enough for our family.

I want to invest in index funds.

The elephant is the strongest animal.

I want Robbin out of my life.


His bag was stolen yesterday.

Peace cannot exist without tolerance.

He gave him the book.

It's been three years since I started to study French.

Why do people tell lies?

I thought Heinrich was home asleep.

He went abroad two years ago.

You are going about it the wrong way!

Isabelle doesn't have to tell me. I already know.

His face was alight with joy.

I don't want you eating between meals.

I can't think of a good reason why we should give Henry any money.

Call a taxi in the morning, please.

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Could you make out what he was saying?


I ran out of breath.

Pascal bought Vice an expensive bracelet.

She looked like a daughter of a good family.


I have wine.

I really did love Ted at one point in time.

If you want to marry me you need to get on your knees and give me a ring.


Where does your family live?

There is a dense growth of vines in this forest.

Did you have any difficulty in finding my house?

I've got some good news for you.

Joe is wasting his talents.

Kamel was tired and fell into a heavy sleep.

Tony has more books than Jonathan.

Don't fail to come here by five.

You can't win against the truth.

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Darrell can do the job, I'm sure, but it'll take him a long time.


What else do you want me to read?

Heidi couldn't have done this alone.

You know everything.

Go to red alert.

She walked away without acknowledging me.

Tolerant was just a little fellow when his folks moved here.

Does your throat hurt?


Markus will find us.


Bradley described the scenes.

How long is the stopover?

It is not necessary for us to attend the meeting.

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Does it bark at her?