Laura is a person I admire.

I've watered all the flowers.

Vickie was very good.

The elderly persons are ready to sacrifice for their grand-children,if they have to.


She probably knows.


We can't find anything wrong with your car.

Keep on controlling.

Where is the plug for the razor?


She wants to save the planet.

I still haven't finished the architecture course.

What do you take me for?!

Isn't there an old bakery somewhere in this town?

He's not the right guy for you.

Ofer would have been very proud of you.

Any teacher that can be replaced by a machine should be.

Molly carved a pipe for Jef, but she doesn't smoke.

Winston asked me some questions about Pedro.

Do you remember the first time we spoke to each other?

Samuel works as a bouncer in a nightclub.

God is not dead, He is surely alive.

She sat on the sofa, reading a magazine.

I'm unable to say.

I passed out.

I failed to go to his birthday party.

I'm not as poor as I used to be.


Music is my passion.

Please give this to him.

Clay is in the living room watching cartoons with the kids.

We went due north.

At what time?


I bet he isn't telling the truth.

I am clever, sensitive and imaginative.

Loukas doesn't particularly want to go swimming.

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Unfortunately, there may be complications.

I have an important meeting I have to go to this afternoon.

They need to discuss the document.

Randolph went to the park with Billie.

Wendell showed Hon where to put her umbrella.

You don't look the same.

Is this drinking water?


It doesn't matter what happens to me.

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I wonder if Jan has ever been to Boston.


What am I?

You don't have to buy me anything.

Jarvis says he wants to leave the country.

Nou is ready to work.

Mahmoud and Myron seldom speak to each other in French.

You can decorate the cocktail with a cherry or a pineapple.

You're finished, aren't you?


"What would your mother think?" "She's never going to find out."

Don't believe what Ramanan said.

We're ready for the game.

Don't let Valerie tell you what to do.

You'll ask her, won't you?

The inscription carved into the rock is from the sixth century B.C.

My responsibility is to keep the company solvent.


What you are saying is equal to "no", isn't it?


Jeffrey lives really far from here.

He is short, but strong.

We want to put our money to good use.

Mr Brown is not as old as he looks.

How many cops are there?


I gave my carefully prepared speech.


Too bad.

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It sounds very plausible.

Cristi never told me he had been in the army.

The contumacious student dared to gainsay his teacher.


Which one is your sock drawer?

Girls aren't welcome.

Who believes in God?


A hero is often just a person who doesn't have the ability to recognise danger.

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That's one of the conventions of our daily life.

At last, I brought her exhausted body upon the beach.

Glynn wanted me to tell you something.

He has changed his mind about going abroad.

Would it be OK if Mick comes with me to your party?


That happened a week ago.

I just got him off to school.

Nanda will be returning soon.

Do we have a chance of winning?

You're so hot.

I'll go and check on her.

Rob wants to buy a house.


Susanne didn't know who Olaf had decided to give her old guitar to.

When she told you her plan, were you taken aback?

I had breakfast after you did.


It sounds exciting.

I've seen it.

Blow the horn so that car will let us pass.

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How many times a day do you eat?

When to set off is a difficult problem.

This bridge used to be a toll bridge.

It is this window that he broke.

That's a violation of the rules.


They were happy when they heard the good news.

I heard about you and them.

I have to buy some medicine for my mother.

I'd like to read your new book.

I agree on an emotional level, but on the pragmatic level I disagree.

Mahmoud is still too young to drink beer.

She won't leave me alone.

I'm sure it's nothing that can't wait.

How did you get back here?

You will catch us.

Kikki is being difficult.


There is no polluted air in our city.

Fatigue follows a flight to Europe.

He knows how to cheat people.


I can no longer trust her.


You had better ask him how to do it.

Cindy doesn't seem too convinced.

Dan was left behind at the gas station.

Leave the worrying to us.

There have been complaints saying that users waited for a long time before receiving assistance.


I'm boiling with anger.


List managed to save me.


Those who talk a lot often lose their voices.

Even if you are not to blame, you should apologize.

How many bridges are there in London?


Joon gambled away everything he had.

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He admitted he had taken bribes.

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Could you please not smoke in this room?

I only need Jussi.

Legalize it!

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I've agreed to help Jill next weekend.

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The heroic deed is an act of the man frightened to death.

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Jean-Pierre says he can't remember what happened.

Where did you write them?

The situation is improving, so cheer up!

Don't speak ill of your classmates.

It would be perfect.

She's only interested in fish and cockroaches.

I know you appreciate that.

Will newspapers be able to survive?

I need you to stay and take care of Kinch.

I'm keeping the baby.

They live next door to us.

The sentence must have a predicate.

He wanted to go to the beach.

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How do we reason with them?

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Some people are nicer than others.

You, too, should have seen that movie.

It would be nice to have a party.

Sorrel knows this will be difficult.

You never told me you had a brother.

Del is still passed out on the couch.

There are people who seldom speak unless they're spoken to.


It's been a while since I've ridden a horse.


Could the situation worsen?

I'm a man.

There weren't any other elephants around.


We're flattered.


Close the window, please.

It's a lovely idea.

I don't want to have kids, and I don't want to get married.


My girlfriend was not amused by this conversation.


I don't intentionally lie to people.