Harnessing the power of the tides could be very helpful to coastal communities.

I know I made a mistake, but you don't need to rub it in.

I ordered a new cutting board from a catalog.

Receive a cure from a doctor, knowledge from a wise man.


"Ah!" is an interjection.


I am alarmed by your irresponsible attitude.

Art has been taken captive.

There is no doubt in my mind that Sofia didn't commit suicide.

I told my secretary I was not to be disturbed.

I think you're too picky.

Don't forget to put your dictionary beside you.

I'm not going to teach you how to do that.


Heidi bought himself a sport car.

The news gratified us.

Any such objection must be referred to the chairman of the meeting, whose decision is final.


Why is anyone here?

I didn't notice when he left the room.

Betty lit the fuse.

Do your best without Bradley.

I wouldn't have the cheek to say such a thing.

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A person named Jones has come to see you.

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He will study French.

We could start again.

Thad is a fighter pilot.

Jarmo's glass was empty.

Son died at home.


I wonder if Jarmo would be interested in investing in our project.

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Do you have any apples?

As strange as it may sound, what Pradeep said is what really happened.

You must quit smoking cigarettes.

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Sachiko is more popular than Judy.

Sedat was the driver of the car that crashed into the supermarket on Park Street.

Sofoklis tried to warn Ariel, but she ignored him.

Manuel plowed the whole field in three hours.

It's very slow.

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You'd better tell me what happened.


I'll buy a gift for her.

I might ask them what happened.

My father is economical of his time.

Will you kindly let me have a look at it?

Konstantinos never told me why he was here.


Tea, please.

They have good appetite this morning.

Go on and say it.

The cherries are wormy.

My friend has dark and suicidal thoughts and I don't know how I can help her.

Miss Green taught me English.

This ought to help.

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At first he was against the project.

I'm not going to shoot you.

We like to help.


I have faith in you, Sid.

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We're going to need some more coffee.


Wade didn't have to tell me why because I already knew.

Handfuls of dust slowly drain away from top to bottom as time falls away.

Elsa didn't know what he'd be allowed to do.


Let's get you out of here.

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A retail merchant buys wholesale and sells retail.


Where is your dog?

Is he alright?

What's your favorite fast food restaurant?

The summer vacation lasts a couple of weeks.

Gideon is probably a lot busier right now than I am.

I wanted to be the one to tell Duncan the news.

Try to utilize your leisure for reading.

I went to Sweden.

Emily hates toilets.


I was absolutely stunned.


Grandfather joined us for dinner last night and it was wonderful to see him again.

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i don't want to miss you

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I was wild with joy.

I'm not religious in the normal sense. I believe the universe is governed by the laws of science. The laws may have been decreed by God, but God does not intervene to break the laws.

I'll teach you how to play chess.

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His stories entertained us for hours.

In the last few years he has developed the bad habit of being rude to his friends.

I hope it's over.

When was the last time you voted?

For my part, having you lot with me is more reassuring than the police or anything!


Don't lie to them.

Were you following me?

He avenged his father's death.


I want you to meet everyone.

Do you miss it?

Tell me your name, honey!

Are they going to arrest her?

Masanobu stayed in bed all day watching TV.

Is there anything you're not telling me?

She was anxious about her job.

Sandeep asked Cristi to zip up her dress.

Why do you always butt in?

We've got to get it done.

Earthquakes are very common in New Zealand, with up to 14,000 being recorded each year, of which less than 200 are actually felt.

Tastes differ.

This lady is Indian.

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I heard the bell.

Who else could've done this?

Lawrence said he wished he didn't have to do that.

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I am very much surprised to hear that he got badly injured in a motorcar accident.

I'm going to the hospital.

She is worried for her future.

It seems to be going well.

Hey, you only live once.

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She retaliated against him by ignoring him.

You may leave out the details.

You're the one who wanted me to come, Lee.

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Some eggs were good, but the others were bad.


Oliver became friends with Phillip when he was living in Boston.

Am I allowed to use your car today?

I think it was a mistake that you didn't take my advice.

I was much moved to tears at the story.

Don't you think it strange that he is not here?


She paid seven percent interest on the loan.

I swam a lot during summer vacation.

Betsy looks disgruntled.

"We need to get rid of the body," said Kevyn.

No time-wasters.

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God is our strength.

The problem is that I don't have enough money.

Please do this.

I understand it a little, but I can't speak it.

Sjaak is looking for his car keys.

I don't have much money.

The old man had a long grey beard.

The world has become a dangerous place for tourists.

The elbow is the joint between the arm and forearm.

Yesterday, an explosion occurred at the fireworks factory.

I hate being stupid.

Jan often sings in her car.

The two of you are watching.

Sam was wearing an old lab coat.

We're up against the wall.

He had never traveled outside his home city.

Per is probably dead.

You need to stay away from her.

That's all I can give you at this time.

What is the charge for cleaning overcoats?

Mud clings to my shoes.


We slept under the stars.

Let's get home.

Now, one has to be well-prepared.

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As usual, Juergen got up early in the morning and swam.

"The Thinker" is a well-known Rodin sculpture.

I want the truth.


I refuse to reply to these charges.


I agreed to have dinner with Coleen.

I can't meet you now.

We need to get Pria some help.

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Can I have some soda, please?

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When was this area annexed to the city?

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That popular television series is going to spin off two new shows in the fall.

I'll give you thirty dollars.

Speak clearly and make yourself heard.

What would I not do to help you both out of the trouble?

I hope it'll happen soon.

His arm brushed against mine.

It's a driverless car.

I guess you talked to her.

The illusion was perfect.


I feel like I'm dying.